A List of Calculators, Assessments & Useful Tools for College Students

Nowadays, college life can be real hectic and busy. There are always some assignment or some project to be completed, some test to be dealt with, some chores to be done, some meetings to be attended, leaving not so much time for most students to pursue their other interests. Sometimes, you may wonder how some students have the time to join the rowing club, go on long weekend trips, and still have time to excel in their studies. By now, you should know that time management is important but another secret is to find ways to do things more efficiently, cutting down on both time and effort. On the Internet, you can find a lot of calculators, converters, quizzes, and tools that can be used to perform various tasks to lighten your burden. Here’s a collection of interactive tools on the web that calculate, estimate, translate, evaluate, and essentially do the work for you.

Financial Aid Calculators

GPA Calculators

Budgeting & Personal Finance Calculators and Tools

Math & Science Calculators and Reference Tables

Foreign Language Translators

Writing Tools

Research Tools

Self Improvement and Awareness Quizzes and Assessments

Career Tools and Quizzes