Comprehensive List of Library Servers on the Web

With the surge of the internet, one of the most comprehensive sources of information is often overlooked- the library; there is an array of information available in books, journals, and even archived original content. Below is a listing of a number of libraries across the globe.

North American Libraries

United States Public/National Libraries

The Library of Congress
National Archives and Record Administration
Jimmy Carter Library and Museum
Richard Nixon Library and Museum
Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
John F. Kennedy Library and Museum
Gerald R. Ford Library and Museum
Harry S. Truman Library and Museum
Dwight D. Eisenhower Library and Museum
Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum
Ronald Reagan Library and Museum
George H.W. Bush Library and Museum
William J. Clinton Library
George W. Bush Library
Herbert Hoover Library
National Agricultural Library
National Library of Medicine
National Library of Education
National Transportation Library
11th Circuit Library -Court of Appeals
Atlanta Fulton Public Library
Federal Depository Libraries

US State Libraries

Alaska State Library
Arizona State Library
Arkansas State Library
California State Library
Colorado State Library
State Libraries
Local US Public Libraries

US Academic Libraries

Brandeis University Library
Boston University Library
Brown University Library
California Institute of Technology Library
Carnegie Mellon Libraries
Columbia University Library
Cornell University Library
Dartmouth College Library
Duke University Library
Emory University Library
Georgia Institute of Technology
Georgetown University Library
George Washington University Library
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Library
New York University Library
Princeton University Library
Radford University Library
Rutgers University Library
Simon Fraser University Library
Stanford University Library
University of California- Berkeley Library
University of California-Davis Library
Vassar Library
Yale University Library

Canadian Libraries Public/National Libraries

Canadian Library Gateway
Library and Archives Canada
NRCan Library Catalogue
RIBG – Réseau informatisé des bibliothèques gouvernementales
TAL – Alberta Online Library
WAVES – Catalogue of the Libraries of Fisheries & Oceans Canada

Canadian Academic Libraries

Alberta Law Library
McGill University Library
McMaster University Library
Queen’s University Library
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia Library
University of Calgary
Université de Montréal Library
University of Toronto
University of Waterloo Library
University of Western Ontario

Australian Libraries

Public/National Libraries

Australian Defence Library
A.S. Holmes Library
Caroline Simpson Library and Research Collection
Law Library Supreme Court of Western Australia
National Library of Australia
National Library of Australia- Digital Collections
NSW Parliamentary Library
Parliamentary Library
South Australia Public Library Network
State Library of South Australia
Mary Arthur Library

Academic Libraries

The Australian National University Library (Canberra)
Monash University (Melbourne)
The University of Adelaide Library
The University of Melbourne Library ( Melbourne)
The University of South Wales Library (Sydney)
The University of Sydney (Sydney)
The University of Queensland (Brisbane)
The University of Western Australia Music Library (Perth)

European Libraries

United Kingdom Public/National Libraries

National Archives
National Art Library
National Library for Health
National Library of Scotland
National Library of Wales
The British Library
UK Public Libraries

UK Academic Libraries

Cambridge University Library
Durham University Library
Imperial College London Library
University College London Library
London School of Economics Library
University of St. Andrews Library
University of Warwick Library
University College London Library