Online Calculators, Converters and Other Useful Interactive Websites

As students, most of us were required to memorize endless lists of formulas and learn how to solve complicated equations. We were taught to look up new words in a dictionary and to use a thesaurus to find synonyms. We had lessons which were focused entirely on using reference materials. Sometimes a visit to the local library would be necessary just to look up the right formula or find a more comprehensive dictionary.

With the internet, it is no longer necessary to have multiple calculators, dictionaries and a thesaurus, or to memorize hundreds of formulas. Instead, you can simply select the correct online calculator, converter or translator and find your answer within seconds. In fact, bookmarking this resource or your favorite online calculators and converters can make managing these tasks as easy as a mouse click.

Math Calculators and Converters

Most people picture complicated math equations when they think about calculators. While there are many, many other online reference materials, basic math calculators remain one of the most popular. There are also scientific calculators, graphing calculators and many other function-specific calculators.

Science Calculators and Resources

Science requires calculations and conversions in order to apply laws, determine chemical reactions and predict speed, force and torque. There are also hundreds of versions on the periodic table of elements online, any of which offer interactive or expanded views to further explore each element.



Health Calculators and Trackers

Your health is one of the most important things you can work to track and maintain. There are hundreds of websites focused on weight loss, weight gain, maintaining a healthy weight and tracking caloric intake. There are also sites to help track pregnancy stages, infant growth and development and children’s growth.

Financial Resources

Managing money is especially important in tough economic times. In the past, accountants were sometimes needed even to conduct a break even analysis because most people did not feel confident basing monetary decisions off of their own math skills. Today, however, a break even analysis can be completed simply by entering a few numbers into a JavaScript-based web application. There are also many other online calculators available for your business or personal financial accounting needs.

Language Arts Web References

Gone are the days of flipping through the pages of a dictionary to figure out how to spell or pronounce a word. Instead, these tasks can be completed simply by typing the word into a web dictionary. Before the popularity of computers, some aspects of language-related web references did not even exist. Word counts had to be estimated or counted by hand, and if you did not recognize that a word was misspelled there was no spellcheck to catch your mistake. With online tools, you can improve your writing, translate it into other languages and even find help for crossword puzzles.

Time and Date Calculators and Converters

In addition to online calendars, there are also other resources on the web to calculate how much time has passed, how much time is left before an event and to convert between seconds, minutes, hours and days. Resources are also available to determine what time it is in another city, which can be an extremely important resource for international travelers or those with family overseas.

Miscellaneous Online References and Resources