My First Video

If you are a startup, go for it. Win your audience with a convincing story.
No actors included. Custom music and voice-over.
Starting from ₹30,000.
15-30 seconds.

Product/Services Videos

Best bet for an SME & Startups. Explain your product/service with the feeling you think the customer connects with.
Actors as per the script. Custom music & voice-over.
Starting from ₹50,000.
45-75 seconds.

Custom Films

Beholden your customers during the festive season. Pinpoint a facet of your business or your brand. Resonate with a customer when he makes a buying decision.
Actors as per the script. Custom music & voice-over.
Starting from ₹60,000.
60-90 seconds.

Ad films with your Brand

When your service/product competes with other content on the Social Media, make a subtle engagement with a captivating story told through reels.
Multiple Actors.
Original Music & voice-over.
Starting from ₹90,000.
60-120 seconds.

Corporate Films

Have you felt a need for a quality video when you pitch to High Net worth clients/investors? Do you feel if a video could do it for you? Do you need a video which tells all about your team, product, office area, conference rooms, sales outlets?
You will be the actors. We will make you electric in front of the camera.
Original music & voice-over.
Starting from ₹75,000.
75-150 seconds.

Short Films

If you are a small business and you have something in your mind which beats any other marketing gimmick of a competitive business. If you are a startup with a kick-ass USP and have achieved a PMF, and want to ring the higher echelons.
Get in touch.
Actors, Music as per the script.
Custom Length.

We’re available for any project!


How it Works

We listen to all the stuff in your mind. We understand the objectives, customer personas and the vision of your business. Then we research the identities of competitive brands and where can we beat them. And then we stitch a beautiful story which should be told on the online platforms.


Planning and structure of the online content


Ideas, creative development, artwork and video branding


Lenses and laptops. And plans for deployment.



Bombay Locale created a great video for Prodios on Independence Day. The procedure was smooth, I just had to tell them things on my mind and they came up with sketches and we went forward with it. Reasonable prices. Totally worth it.
Raj Kamal, Prodios

We can help you in any project